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Lowest price Nationwide MLS Flat Fee Service widely available in most of the 50-States. Let us arrange for your flatfee mls listing today or contact us for more flat rate mls information on how FLATFEELISTING will save you thousands of dollars by paying no broker listing commission. In addition, most mls listings allow you to offer "for sale by owner" even while actively listed on The-REALTOR® MLS, thanks to your flat-rate MLS listing by clicking-on state map where your home is located
Washington DC flat fee mls listing FreeMLSlisting.com

. . . A Unique, New, Quick and Easy Low-Cost Way to sell your home on the real estate multiple listing service (MLS) for a low flat fee, with no listing commission (that's why it's called 'free'

No need to pay 6% or more real estate commission again to sell your home!

Your flat-rate MLS listing will be placed in the same MLS & Realtor.com system your local area broker uses to list properties, with no need to pay a brokers listing commission, so why go somewhere else? Sign up here now and save significant money thus preserving more of your home-equity! All flat fee mls websites offer basically similar services so go with the most experienced and best, which is FreeMLSLsting.com, with more years offering national flat-fee-MLS listing's than most of the others.

Give us a TOLL-FREE call with MLS and realty questions Call Flat Fee MLS Listing Service with any questions at
our National Free Phone Number 1-800-657-9711

You will also get listed FREE on REALTOR.com®. Your best benefit is a unique low-cost way to get your property LISTED in your area MLS system (REGIONAL MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE), which is the REALTORS® secret to home selling success!

Your property will be seen on Realtor.com - the #1 real estate web site which the majority of home buyers visit for properties nationwide. Your home will also be seen on dozens of major public internet sites such as these powerful real estate websites: AOL Real Estate, Compuserve Home & Real Estate, Digital City, Excite Real Estate, Homes.com, iWon Real Estate, Juno House & Home, Move.com, MSN.com, Netscape Home and Real Estate, NetZero House & Home, Real Estate.com, Wall Street Journal real estate, and hundreds of other popular local, national, geographical and famous realty sites!

Your MLS Flat Fee Listing may also be seen on these Real Estate Internet sites plus HUNDREDS MORE!

Why use our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

  • Get your home listed in the real estate multiple listing service (MLS) & REALTOR® by a state licensed & regulated real estate broker for a one-time low Flat Fee, as announced here - NO HIDDEN FEES
  • "For-Sale-by-Owners" get your home listed in your real estate multiple listing service (MLS) & Pay NO LISTING COMMISSION!
  • You will save thousands of dollars in real estate commission by only paying the real estate agent who actually brings you a buyer. The agent who lists your property in the MLS only gets paid a small flat-fee, this agent does not receive a commission upon sale. Only the real estate agent who brings you a buyer gets a commission of 2 to 3% due at closing. The realty commission is determined by the seller when completing the required paperwork to get the property listed in the Real Estate MLS System.
  • If you sell your home by-owner as a FSBO there is no real estate commission to pay!
  • Some of the many MLS Listing real estate listing brokers used by us are REALTORS® with realty firms* you all know, for example: Century 21® Prudential® ERA® RE/MAX® Coldwell Banker® MLS listing services are also provided by many smaller and independent brokers across the nation, depending on your location.
  • National & Local Exposure for your home by having it listed in the MLS and Realtor.com®
  • Your property typically will be listed within 24-48 hrs
  • Get your property listed on REALTOR® MLS and REALTOR.com® for 6-mos
  • FREE Instant Home Valuation at zillow.com
  • America's #1 Nationwide Real Estate Flat Fee MLS Listing Connection since the year 2000 - Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Specialists - Sign up Today & Save Money

The 3 most important things to selling real estate are:

  • Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) exposure
  • Realtor.com internet exposure (6 million potential buyers a month)
  • Low Flat Fee Listing Service Price

Example of Savings!

Assuming a property sells for $500,000 and seller offers a 3% commission to the Buyer's Agent. If your home sells for $500,000, the commission would be $15,000 plus the example flat rate cost of $257 to do the referral to the real estate broker who will list your property in the MLS. The total savings in real-estate commission is $14,703. Now, for the comparison in savings if you listed your home with a traditional broker for 6%. The commission on a $500,000 sale with a 6% commission rate would be $30,000. Your savings vs traditional would be an amazing $14,623!

How incredible is that anyway! That's the latest and best way to list and sell your home at very low cost. America's #1 flat fee realty in Nationwide Coverage areas, Price, Service and Customer satisfaction - low overhead keeps cost down for clients. Other MLS referral companies offer low fees but checkout the small print where Sellers sometimes need to pay additional fees due at the properties close of escrow.

Visit your state specific web-page, each listing is targeted to that state's unique MLS real estate market at the lowest flat rate cost available and the most coverage areas of any other flat fee service company.

Get your property on the MLS - List, Sell & Save $1,000s. Are you ready to sell your house and expose it to millions of buyers online? If the answer is yes, you have found the "For Sale By Owner REALTOR® Connection" for Smart Homeowners All Across America.

Talk to us TOLL-FREE with your MLS and real estate questionsCall Flat Fee MLS Listing Service with any questions at
our Nationwide Free Phone Number 1-800-MLS-9711

You have arrived at the genuine #1 MLS Flat Fee MLS Listings Service multiple listing service real estate web-site ... the one and only real estate flat rate real estate MLS listing service who may use our famous dot.com name ... saving you almost 1/2 by paying a small flat fee listing cost, saving you thousands of dollars ... no high traditional REALTOR® listing commission. Amazingly new low-cost . . . to list your house, town home, condo or vacant land in the MLS Real Estate Multiple Listing Service. Multiple Listing Service Flat-Fee MLS Listing Service is available nationwide.

Retain right to offer a FSBO "For Sale By Owner" (if you wish that option) while still listed on The "MLS" possibly paying no commission at all! Flat Fee MLS Listing Service will help you keep more of your hard earned equity in your pocket!

Join thousands of smart homeowners all over America who are happily signing-up for flat-rate flat-fee mls listing services to save them significant money! Over the past 12-years we have been involved with flat-fee-MLS discount listings of over $500,000,000+ in houses, condominiums, townhouses and vacant land on the REALTOR® multiple listing service, saving property owners a surprisingly high amount of money, and preserving their hard-won home equity for themselves, not the sellers Realtor.

Our New Flat Fee MLS Listing Service will make all required Realtor® referral arrangements to get your home listed in your local MLS real estate "multiple listing service" plus much more! The old days of paying one broker to list your property on the REALTORS® MLS about 3% commission (even if they personally don't sell it), and the buyers broker an additional 3% (6% or more) are fading away and will be a thing of the past eventually, as flat fee mls listings become well-known. moveprola made a real revolution in the industry.

The new flat-fee flat-rate listing way to save big money listing & selling properties via the REALTOR® MLS (paying no listing commission) is the real estate wave of the future! FFL visualizes flat fee listings dominating the realty market one-day, as more and more smart homeowners come to realize there is no need to pay a high traditional real estate listing commission anymore!

Note: It's quite rare the actual mls listing agent sells your property, roughly 9 out of 10 times the sale takes place when an unknown to you real estate agent brings your buyer (via the mls system). Though few real estate listing brokers will admit this to sellers, nevertheless the truth is the typical sales process which leads to a real estate sales contract and a successful sale really has little, if anything to do with the listing agent. So why in the world pay him or her thousands of dollars (typically 3% or so), merely to list your property in your areas Real Estate Multiple Listing Service, and nothing else of comparable value?

Are you wondering why the properties listing agent rarely brings your buyer? It's real simple math because your buyer (most all the time) finds your property listed in the "Multiple Listing Service" while working with another REALTOR®, not though the listing real estate agent.

Your area Multiple Listing Service has many Realtors, as many as 100s or 1000s of agents and brokers, so you can see the mathematical chance of that one agent (the listing broker/listing agent) bringing a buyer is very slim. A surprising statistic is approximately 8 out of 9 times buyers come via a real estate agent OTHER than their listing agent, which begs the question, why pay all that money to be listed in The-MLS, and little more?

Since there are so many other REALTORS® with buyers, in all likelihood your buyer will arrive thru a different real estate agent. The "MLS" is the overwhelming key to sales success, nothing else even comes close to "The MLS" Thanks to our unique flat-fee concept, there is now no need to pay listing brokers commission to get on the real estate multiple listing service - only pay a reasonable flat fee to list, paying the broker who brings your buyer commission only upon successful sale and due at close of escrow, thus saving almost one-half!

By signing up with Flat Fee MLS Listing Service you will keep your hard-won real estate equity in your pocket (where it belongs), not in Listing REALTOR® bank account! Why pay "traditional" REALTORS® excessively high commissions of 5% to 7%? Now there is no need to pay such a large sum of money to sell via the MLS by doing a "flat-fee mls listing"

  • Flat Fee MLS Listing Service is the most cost-effective flat-fee mls listing "mls" service available
  • Most of our fixed-fee mls home listings sell and for the same price as listings by the major firms, combined with speed!
  • Our name say's it all No one does it better for real estate sellers than FLAT FEE MLS LISTING™ when it comes to excellent sales results combined with substantial money-savings, doing low-cost flat fee MLS discount listings
  • A small flat-fee gets your property in REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in your area
  • No listing broker real estate agent commission
  • A great extra benefit is your almost one-half savings allowing you good flexibility on pricing (if you wish to be price/offer flexible), as sometimes price needs to be adjusted to get the buyer to sign on the dotted-line!
  • With our unique Flat Fee MLS Listing Service service you even retain your right to offer a "For Sale By Owner" while still being listed in The Realtors® "MLS". This means if you sell by owner without the MLS being responsible for the home-buyer there is no sales commission due! Flat Fee MLS Listing Service will help you keep more of your hard-won home-equity in your own pocket (where it belongs), not in your REALTORS® bank account!

Give flat-fee-mls-listing-service a TOLL-FREE call M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with any real estate listing questions for the answers!Please call FlatFee MLS Listing Service (a free phone call) with any Flat Fee MLS Listing questions or issues you are not clear on, or to place your Multiple Listing Service Realtor® Referral - order NOW - toll free-phone # 1-800-MLS-9711

Get listed in the-MLS and Realtor.cvom paying one-half typical sales commission

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